How To Resize Images In Photoshop

Hi friends today we are going to learn how to resize your images, mostly we use this option or increase or decrease the size of an image, or for a specific requirement to paste on a form. If your family or friends birthday is near and want to give him his any funny picture or family picture in a frame to keep your memories.  Then you can change or resize an image in any dimension you want by using this Photoshop option.

Left Side Original images / Right size resize image in Photoshop

Photoshop has this great feature to maintain details and sharpness while enlarging images.


(1) Open any Image in Photoshop you want to resize.

File Menu > Open

Opened image for resize in Photoshop

(2) Then go to Image Menu in Menu Bar

Click on Image size option or you can use short cut keys (Alt+Ctrl+I)

Click on Image Size image

Now a window displays called image size dialog box opens

image size box

In image size dialog box, in left corner you can see image preview.

image preview in image size dialog box

In image size dialog box you can see image size related properties like Image size, Scale Styles, Dimension Values, Unit Value, Link Icon, Resolution, and Resample.

Resize Images

By scaling your image size dialog box you can resize your preview size, so if you want to increase your image preview size you can scale your image size dialog box by simple scaling.

If you want to change your image size magnification you can do it by simply clicking on minus (-) or (+) icon on image preview window to see a specific part or your image. You can also increase image magnification by holding press (Ctrl + Window button) or for decrease image magnification by holding press (Alt + Window) buttons.

25% Image preview magnification
66% Image preview magnification

To view a different area on your image you can simple drag it by holding left mouse key.

Dragging image preview

Image Size Box Properties

Image size box properties
  1. Image size is value of this image on your computer hard disk.
  2. Gear Icon (Scale Styles) – If your image contains layers with applied styles, make sure this gear icon is checked to increase style effect on your image.  If you image do not have any layers with styles or effects you can uncheck it, by default its already checked. This option is very useful if you are resizing your image in a proportion value.
  3. Dimension: Dimension showing you image size value, from this little drop down icon you can choose or change different units for your image.
  4. Fit to option is By default original size, from this drop down menu you can choose any default specific size. Here you will find many options like A4, letter or many types of Paper and photo frame sizes.
  5. Link icon here links width and height proportions. that means When you put any value in width box you can see height automatically changed to maintain your image proportions. If you want to change it in a different size you can disable this link icon and put any value you want in width and height box.
  6. You can change your units also as per your requirement.
Unit options in image size box

7. Resolution is the main key to maintain your image quality, when you resize your image, If you are resizing your image only for web purpose you choose 72 pixels/inch. If you are planning for printing your images, make sure your resolution not below then 300 pixels/inch or at least 200 pixels/inch.

8. Before clicking on OK please double check your Resample icon is checked. To get your images clear, crisp and smooth without losing image quality. Here you see many options in Resample, but you can leave it on Automatic.

Resample options in image size box

For getting final resize image click on OK.

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