How to Earn $1000 Using Pen Tool in Photoshop

Hi Friends, Today we are going to tell you a truth about Pen Tool in Photoshop, Using this tool you can’t only create shape or selections but also can earn $1000 per month easily or more than that.

You are joking? Are you saying to me? My answer is No I am not joking to you. You can easily earn $1000 per month by becoming master of this one tool in Photoshop.

Did you know, actually I also don’t know before seeing these analytics and ways of earning money by using only Pen Tool in Photoshop. I am using Photoshop from last 8 to 10 years, for photo editing. But in the Conona time when all doors closed for me. I started searching for jobs for a photo editor and nobody is agree to hire me, because of Corona fear or breakdown in country.

Then i start searching on internet, what I can do to earn money using my abilities and after 5 to 7 days searching I found a simple and great formula.

Do you know when you are broke and ask someone to show you the way to earn money, believe me nobody is going to show you, even they know about it or not, doesn’t matter. Nobody is want to increase their competition or see you as a successful person.

But they really don’t know, we are living in internet era, and nothing is far from us.

After a long searching I found some services on internet, which can pay you may be more than your monthly salary, or you expect.

I am going to share this secret with you. Here is a list of services that you can start from your home or anywhere in the world, by using only your computer and internet. By using that way yes you have to work for hours but you will free from your Boss, Free from your financial anxiety.

Here is a list of services you can provide by using only Pen Tool.

  1. Clipping Path Services
  2. Background Removal Services
  3. Image Masking Services
  4. Drop Shadow services
  5. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing
  6. Product Photo Editing Services
  7. Vector Conversion Service

Above I mentioned some services you can start right now if know how to use Pen Tool in Photoshop. Using pen tool in Photoshop is very ease but you need practice to make your work accurate, fast and easy because nobody wants their work done late if they give you, am I right?

Here I am going to talk about only top 3 services, because you can immediate start these services without having expertise in Pen Tool. First 3 services require only Pen Tool Selection, and in other 4 services you have some knowledge about color correction, stamp tool, levels and many more. But first 3 services you can start easily by getting some prior knowledge about pen tool in Photoshop.

Data which shocks you (Proof ):

I hope you are thinking how can someone earn $1000 or more then that just using pen tool, look at the facts I am sharing with you and this data is base only on US searches, because everybody is fascinated by $Dollars.

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path services 880 searched per month and believe be this is a very huge number, and do you know these are only online searched you don’t know about local clients who are not using internet for their work done.

Lets do some calculation if a single lead give you 50 images for clipping path and for example give you 0.50 Cents for single image you can easily $25 for 50 images and just images if 10 leads you get in a day, how much you will get $250 per day. Yes or No.

Background Removal Services proof
Image Masking Services proof

As same background removal services has 320 searches and Image masking services has 110 searches per month only from USA. So I request you to please do some calculations for these huge searches and potential in these searches, I am very good at assuming, I hope one person can give you 50 images and the next one can, may be give you 500 or 1000 images and guess the amount you can earn.

Service needs in industry

Clipping Path Services : This is the most demanding services on internet for photo editing. Clipping path services is a simple pen tool using service, right now its highly demanding because of Product Photo editing and making cutouts. You work is simple, cut you subject from the background and create white background or what your customer needs.

Background Removal Services: As its word showing you, cut your subject from the background and place it on a different transparent layer or required by customer. These images mostly used in photo manipulation and in ecommerce.

Image Masking: Image masking is approx similar to background removal, but here the difference I see is you need to create mask on your subject by selecting your subject.

Drop Shadow Services: Drop shadow services is a add-on services to create your subject which you cut or isolated from background, to give a realistic live look by creating its natural looking shadow.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing: This is a Photography related job work, here you get some images of apparels shoot on mannequin and your work is to hide or remove mannequin and make your product clean and in the air.

Product Photo Editing Services: These services are very demanding now because of huge increase in online selling, for online sales everybody requires good white background images of their products.

Vector Conversion Services: This is one of the highly paid services in Photoshop. In this services you need to select every part of your image and make it as a vector. Commonly these images used for image restoration or printing big size printing media.

Where from I can learn:

Yes this is action takes question, who really wants to start something new and passionate about their own self made business. Below I give some YouTube videos link which I select and collect by their good information in their videos and easy to understand.

Pen Tool Tutorial by Aaron Nace
Tutorial by Piximperfect

What I do after learning Pen Tool:

Now its times to show your work to the world, and the thing you need to do it called creating catalogue and Branding. You can easily show your work and create a trust brand by creating some small things listed below

Website : This is the lookbook of your work and trust for you customer, we all knows if someone is not available on internet that means he is dead. He means it can be a person or business.

If you have some money in your pocket, you can invest it on your self made business on your own brand website to show your catalog, feedbacks, customers, pricing, sample images and your story.

Social Proof: Create your brand name pages and account on social media, Behance, facebook, Instagram and start sharing your work. Follow your industry leaders. Social accounts are best way to get inspiration and share your own work easily without paying a single penny.

Local Listing : If you are based in a urban city and you may have seen some good photography studio. You must create a local business listing on Google. And say hi to all local photography studios. This is the sign board that you are available if they needed this type services.

Where from I get work after Learning Pen Tool:

ha! ha! ha!..sorry forgive me but this is the best question in this whole article. Ok I am giving you some points here to make your first custom and first sale.

  1. Website: when you rank for a specific keyword, organic or paid traffic doesn’t matter. Anyone can contact you through your website contact us form. If you really put your efforts in this website.
  2. Freelancer: Yes you can work as a freelancer on by sign up on freelancer website

And you can find many more when you start serarching.

3. Call One to One: After creating your Local listing, website, catalog, social proofs, you can search photography studios in your nearest or in your city and call them for editing work. In a week or two I am sure you will get your first job work.

I hope you enjoyed and got some really interesting facts and techniques about how you earn from using pen tool in Photoshop. We all searched for online money streams or how to earn money online. but believe my friends, hard work you needed at every step and this is proven method that Hard work beats talent. If you practice pen tool and get a good command, i request you to follow these steps and look around yourself for more ideas and inspiration. I am sure you will get some good ideas.

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