How to Change Background Color in Photoshop

Hi friends today we are going to learn how to change background color in Photoshop. In this tutorial we will not only learn how to change background color, but we also covered why we need it, and different situations and techniques to create a better selection. If you are going to change any person image background color from a colored background to white, or if you are working on a product image to show it on social media or any ecommerce platform, You must create a better, crisp and detailed selection.


Here we are going to cover 3 topics related to change background color in Photoshop. Here my meaning of 3 types of background changing requirements in Photoshop.

1st Sometimes we create our color background, exactly at the same time before starting a new project.

2nd situation is we already working on some project and want to change a particular layer background color.

And the final and 3rd situation is we have a single image with white color background or in other color background and want to change it background colors.

Let’s dive deep and learn How to change the background layer in Photoshop.

Situation 1 : In this step we already knows that we need some color filled background or transparent background for our project and first create our background before creating anything else.

You can choose background color simply when you create a new file

File Menu > New (Ctrl+N)

And new document window pops up on your screen, here in preset details you can choose and change your document height, width, units, orientation, resolution, color more and background color from the background content drop down menu.

Here you will get 5 choices to choose and change your background color,

Here White is default background color, but you can choose Black, Transparent, and any other background color from Background color option.

If you want to change your background color choose background color option and click on the color icon (default fill with White), Color picker window will open and you can choose your desired color for your background.

After choosing your background color click on OK.

Situation 2: In this step of changing background color we are going to talk about, How to change your Layer background color.

Let’s assume you already created your document and you have multiple layers in your layers panel. Now you want to change your background color for your project, you can easily do this by simply creating a background color layer and fill it with your desired color.

In this option you can change your background layer color any time, and many times.

Go to Layer Menu > New Fill Layer > Solid Color

A new layer dialog box will open, here give a name to your new layer, choose layer color style from Color and when you click on OK.

Color picker window will open, choose your desired background color and click on OK.

Now you have a color background layer, you can arrange it by simply dragging it below all of the layer to see its effect as a background color layer.

Situation 3rd: in this step you have a existing single image in Photoshop and you want to change its background color.

Here you need to cut your background or subject and put it separate layers, for non distructive editing you can create a mask for background layer, but the most common thing is , you have to create a good selection.

We have multiple choices and techniques to choose and create a good selection, here is some basic tools list that you can use to create your selection as per your expertise and image requirements.

Selection Tools in Photoshop

  1. Marquee Tool
  2. Lasso Tool
  3. Quick Selection Tool
  4. Magic Wand Tool
  5. Select Subject (Available in Photoshop CC)
  6. Select and Mask (Available in Photoshop CC)

Here I list only 4 main category tools, if you check you will find some more sub-category tools in main tools. And two last categories available only in Photoshop CC version to make your selection process easier.

Why? Why we need to Change Background Color?

Why? Yes its simple, why we are going to change our background color or what is the reasons for us to create or change background color.

In this Digital arena where everything is going digital and we are consuming data in form of text or images or videos.

The answer is simple to create our image outstanding, if you working on a product image or want to use it for ecommerce purpose, here also you have to select and change your background to white color.

In opposite, want to show your product on social media with good color graphics and shapes, you need to change your white background to color background.

Or cutting a particular person image from a family portrait and want to gift him, then you have to cut your image and put it on a color background.

So I hope you have a better understanding and reasons for changing your background color in Photoshop.

Let’s Change Background Color for and Existing Image

  1. Open Your Image
  2. Select your subject with Quick Selection Tool.
  3. Then refine your selection edges by using refine edge option or select and mask option in Photoshop CC version.
  4. It will create a mask on your subject, but here we want to change our background color, so you can invert it by going in mask properties or simply by pressing shortcut key Ctrl + I (make sure you are on your mask).
  5. Create a adjustment solid color fill layer and choose the background color whatever you want.
  6. And press OK.

In this tutorial i hope you enjoyed and got a good information on How to Change background color in photoshop, for a person image or a product image. here we cover both the image types and 3 types of background color changing steps and situations. Mainly when we are going to change background color of any image, the most important things are image type and its requirement, because after knowing these two things we can decide which tool we have to use and how it will go to final result in simple and easy steps.


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