Clipping Mask In Photoshop

A Clipping mask is a collection or we can say bunch of layers, where your shape or text layer defines the visibility and opacity of entire group.  Check out some samples we collect from internet to see you how clipping mask effect on a group of layers.

Check out these images and try to guess how they all made:

Image Clipping mask in Text
Image Clipping mask in a image shape
Heart Shape clipping mask
Cool Cat clipping mask (image into text)

After viewing above images I hope you will get some ideas, what is clipping mask or how it works on image and text?

In all above images you can see two objects one is shape and second is image and we are seeing image in shape structure.  Actually clipping mask is a collection of layers.

We can say Clipping mask is, clip any image into shape, or clip any image into text is called clipping mask.

For an example when we see through a binocular we see the things into round shape, isn’t it. Yes or No.

Everything we see through binocular we see everything in round shape. In simple we are seeing a combination of binocular shape and any image.

Clipping mask example

Create a clipping mask

Here we are going to this cool cat clipping mask.

First Open a New file in Photoshop.

Create a new file for Clipping mask

Covert background layer into a layer by simply double clicking on background layer. Change your Foreground color into Black.

Then go to Edit Menu> Click on Fill (to fill the background layer with Black color)

Fill Option in Edit Menu
Fill your background layer with selected foreground Black color
Black filled new layer for creating clipping mask

Then create a new text layer and rename it text layer and type “Cool Cat” in white color.

Create New Text layer and rename it cool cat text layer

Rasterize your text layer by simply right click on your text layer and fill “O” alphabet middle holes with white color.

Rasterize Cool Cat text layer
Cool cat text layer after raterize and paint with white color on ‘O’ letter holes

Then insert your cat image above all the layers.

Cat Image Layer

Here we have two types your can create clipping mask:

  1. Select cat layer and Go to Layer Menu and click on Create Clipping Mask or shortcut key is (Alt+Ctrl+G).
Create clipping mask option in layer menu

2. Move your pointer over the line dividing the text and cat layer in the layers panel. Hold press ALT key (The pointer will change in shape of square with down arrow), and the click.

Clipping mask layer panel option

And above image is your final clipping mask

Final Clipping mask (image into text)

Release Clipping Mask:

  1. Now your clipping mask is ready, if you want to release your clipping mask just again hold press ALT key and go to the dividing line between text and cat layer and click on OK.
  2. Go to Layer Menu > Click on Release Clipping Mask (Alt+Ctrl+G).

In all above details we have learn what is clipping mask in photoshop and see some examples like Image into Text, Image into Image shape and a heart clipping mask also. then we create our own Cool Cat clipping mask step by step to understand all the steps and features.

I hope you got how to create a clipping mask in photoshop and it is very useful for creating beautiful area focus images or images or print and photo frames.


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