About us

Manoj Singh

Hi my name is Manoj and I am a Graphic designer and photographer, and yes a learner. I have done many graphic design course offline and online and what I get, only basics. I am telling you learning the basics is very easy but using them in an effective way or as a professional its hard. I am learning and teaching Photoshop from last 8 to 10 years to my friends and staff, how to edit an image or how to get the perfect image by using a graphic editing software and by the grace of god some of my students are earring on their own, some are working in a job and some are freelancers but the common thing is they are earning by learning these simple techniques and basics.

I love camera and computer, both are my best friends, I do product photography for online sellers who are selling online great. I hope you know what you can increase your online sales 30% by using detailed and clear product photos. We do white background and lifestyle images for our customers.
We are currently serving more then 100 clients right now in Jaipur. We are Amazon and Flipkart service providers. Our customers are happy with our services, you can check our local business reviews on Google my Business.

In this Youtube Channel and website you will get hands on experience learning from scratch in Hindi language. In beginning I created some MS-paint tutorials to understand basics of image, size and tools that you can make a friendly relation with your computer and it will be easy to understand next level graphic design tutorials.